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1st International Neuroergonomics Conference – Paris – 6 & 7 octobre 2016 – The Brain At Work and In Everyday Life

Du 6 au 7 octobre 2016

The Brain At Work and In Everyday Life

Topics :

  • Innovative methodologies and protocols using brain imaging techniques and psychophysiological measurements in realistic operational settings
  • Formulate neurobiological models to better understand risky decision making
  • Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) and human performance monitoring in ecological conditions
  • Cognitive countermeasures, augmented cognition, and brain stimulations to enhance performance and mitigate human error
  • Virtual Reality and Serious Gaming
  • Cognitive Performance in Psychological and Neurological Disorders
  • Affective processing and emotion recognition from neural and physiological measures
  • Genetic, personality and neurobiological factors influencing cognitive performance
  • Assessment of cognition in various neurological disorders and in real-time settings and home environments
  • Memory, skill acquisition and training assessment
  • Ergonomics and Motor Control

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